Created in 2007, NOOTICA is the first on-line shop specialized in water sports (spearfishing, fishing, diving, snorkeling, paddle, kayak, wakeboard, surf, wakeboard, windsurf ...), and quickly becomes leader in France offering more than 70,000 references in its catalog.


Based in the beautiful region of the Maritime Alps, we have built up a team of more than 30 collaborators, all experts and passionates practicing nautical sports. We manage logistics on our own to guarantee top customer service with always the lowest prices! Today we are present in 5 countries: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy; but our products are also sent all over the world as in Korea and China.


We are very proud of our spearfishing line, which has quickly become a point of reference in France. We offer all the yearlong the greatest brands products at the best prices like: Omer, Cressisub, Sigalsub, C4, Epsealon. The craftsmen are not left out since we also work with: TEAKSEA, SEAWOLFSUB, CARBONIOGFT!


In constant evolution and always anxious to be able to offer the best to its customers, NOOTICA company is continually looking for new products and brands in order to offer you a wide range of choices. We work closely with the craftsmen to adapt the products to your needs.


In our catalog, ranges from pneumatic spearguns up to the roller ones including wooden arbaletes as well as a wide essential arbalete accessories line. In addition we also offer lots of accessories for the general practice of spearfishing like gloves, diving masks, snorkels, as well as luggage and apnea computers among others.


You will also find different ranges that best represent your different needs. Whether you are a spearfishing amateur who only dives occasionally in summer or a professional experts who lives his passion for the sea through all the seasons, you will find the products that best fit  your level of use.


Our spearfishing line offers wetsuits of all thicknesses, materials and finishes according to all budgets, but also wide ranges of diving masks, fins (classic, carbon, etc...), sling spearguns of all Sizes, pneumatic spearguns, roller spearguns, and even magnificent wooden ones! We also offer all the accessories that go with our spearguns. Finally, we offer a wide range of spearfishing  accessories to make your dive safe.


Our experts are at your disposal throughout the year to answer your questions and guide you through the choice of gears that best fit your budget and your level of use!



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