46 years old, for several years a c.c. Irno Salerno athlete in national and international

competitions, will take us on a journey on WWII wrecks in Campania.


What are the best spearfishing spots in your region and why?

Well, in the past I would have said Punta Licosa but now it has become a national marine park, however there many other spots able to give us great emotions in terms of preys and underwater landscapes, like Acciaroli and Marina di Pisciotta.


What kind of sea bottom and preys are more common over there?

Both spots, just 30km away from each other, are characterized by a wide short rocky bottom. In these areas the rocky bottom can be found also at great distance off the coast so it is possible to dive at several depths, anyway there are no underwater rock faces to dive on. Here we can meet several kind of preys ranging from the sea bass to the dentex.

What are the techniques that best match the hunting of the preys above

All techniques are good but obviously if you want to use the fall technique you have to get off the coast at a greater depth. Always best to use a long speargun, even in shallow waters as it is not difficult to find big dentex or amberjacks pursuing schools of mullets.

What kind of conditions generally characterize these areas?

Usually we can find clear waters and no currents, however when it is not clear there is always a 10mt visibility. In both spots there is no need of a boat to properly spearfish and if you wish to stay a little longer the coast is full of very nice bed and breakfast and hotels right on the sea.

I have a passion for wrecks and for spearfishing on them, where can we find them in Campania?

In regards to the wrecks we have to move about 30km north of Acciaroli, heading to Agropoli and Paestum, two villages 10km away from each other. Here after a very bloody landing during WWII there are over 20 wrecks laying apart from each other on a sandy and muddy bottom.

What kind of wrecks are and at what depth do we generally find them? Are they in good conditions or are they just a bunch of iron?

The wrecks are in good conditions and in most of the cases are small landing crafts and gangways, but there are also aeroplanes and tanks all laying at about 20mt depth. Fortunately around most of them there are no nets that often wrap the wrecks in other seas.

What kind of preys do we usually find in them?

Well, it depends on the period, for example during the summertime we can find gilthead breams ranging from 5 up to 9 kilos (like the ones you see in the picture) instead the white groupers can be found (generally up to 20 kilos) all the year long.

In June you can also find sea basses up to 9 kilos and amberjacks up to 30kilos. In October instead these sposs are invaded by tiny amberjacks that remain over there until November and are usually fished in great quantities by anglers.

Is spearfishing on wrecks restricted or regulated somehow by local authorities?

Well, not in practice, since the local authorities do not even know the location of most of the wrecks, on the official maps only 3 or 4 of them are marked while I have personally discovered about 20.

Last question, have you any project in regards to your spearfishing activity?

Yes, after a long break I chose to take as a consequence of some decisions the national federation took in regards to the point attribution system and the mean to reach the diving spots, in September I will get back to competitions!

Giuseppe Tortorella

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