Spearfishing dreams: no other title could have been more appropriate for this spearfishing DVD that merges both Atlantic and Mediterranean passionate in one single documentary. Yes, that's possible because it is shot in the waters of French Brittany and Corsica. This documentary by Jean-Yves Gislais, well known in the web as PlongeurFou, is the proof of his incredible underwater capabilities that allow him to successfully adapt to different sea beds, biotypes and fishes.


His extraordinary abilities are highlighted by his catches made between 0 and 20 meters depth, so quite accessible to the majority of freedivers. There's no need to dive into the abyss to shoot the fishes of our dreams if we have a great experience, this is the main message of the documentary.


The film has been divided into chapters according to the type of fish. Each chapter is called " dreams of ..." and indeed each of them seems to bring you into an imaginary submerged world. In the first two chapters we can enjoy catches of "dino-breams" and "dino-basses", as we refer to very huge specimens!


Filming is made through a camera operator and a camera mounted on the speargun in order to have both points of view. Unfortunately the sequences shot in Corsica were made with a camera mounted on a weak stirrup so after the shot it rotated downwards... what a pity ... but fine dentex compensate this problem.

The film lasts 1hr 17min and it is available only in French.


Bravo Jean -Yves!






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