Brod Whitaker in South Africa, Mozambique and Madagascar



With Fish to the bone Brod Whitaker will take you on an amazing journey in the rich waters of the Indian ocean. The trip starts with the shallow waters of the south african east coast in which you will see how to spearfish in the backwash.


Sandy seabeds and big waves (that would be more suitable for surfing rather than for spearfishing) are the background for Garricks and Mulloways breath-taking catches in very shallow waters.


The journey goes on into the crystal clear waters of Mozambique and Madagascar where Brod will show you the most beautiful underwater spectacles. Large mulloways, groupers and other fishes seem to have gathered right for this documentary. The water is so clear and the preys so close you will feel like you are among them while you are watching but don't panic if you spot some sharks! Yes in this great footage you will enjoy some terrific spearfishing sequences in which sharks get close, terrific isn't it?


As the DVD cover says, this is a captivating film that those like Brod, who are happier under water must see! You can join him in his journey by ordering this new DVD on!




Cover review:

Fish to the Bone is a close encounter with one of South Africa's best spearfisherman and underwater videographers. Join Brod Whitaker as he hunts hidden secrets beneath the treacherous white water shallows of the wild South African East Coast, to the dark and deep of some unknown wrecks and caves, as he tackles big game while braving some sharp teeth!
His wild journey takes us from the madness at his local home reefs to a solo Madagascan treat and the cinematic tranquility of the crystal blue tropical waters of Mozambique.
A camera man by trade his unique footage is laced with effortless spearfishing technique. Brod Whitaker is a Fish to the Bone, and this captivating film is a must see for those, like him, who are happiest under water!


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