The 28th CMAS spearfishing world championship that took place in Vigo, Spain,  is now over and everybody knows that Jody Lot won the competition followed by Daniel Gospic and Antonio linares but I am sure that many of you wanted to be there. Well, for all those passionate of this amazing sport who wished to be there but couldn’t go to, Pesca Submarina Television has produced a great DVD!


In 45 minutes this film shows all that happened during the two days competition in and out the water. You will enjoy champions from all over the world in action, thanks to the underwater sequences, comfortably sat on your couch. Through the contestants interviews you will discover all the strategies, techniques and opinions that led to the final results. By watching this DVD you will also witness a special catch of a fish performed by spearo only with his unarmed hands! So if you wished to be there this film is your first row seat!


You can click on the following link if you wish to order it for 20€ only, however you should know that dialogues and comments are exclusively in Spanish.


Click below to watch the amazing trailer, enjoy it!





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