Hundreds of big sea basses swimming peacefully in front of the speargun or below the spearo's fins in crystal clear waters, pollacks approaching quietly and schools of black breams, all that and much more on Martial Cottin's DVD!
In this documentary you will join Martial in his journey along the french coasts of the Channel and the Atlantic Sea, from Quiberon to Seine Maritime, to discover the best spots where the big ones live. Suggestions and explanations enrich the fishing actions made either off the coast or in shallow waters and filmed with the subjective technique by placing the camera below the speargun.


It lasts about 60 minutes, it goes smoothly and never annoys as the humor of Martial and of his mates make watching it really pleasant. You cannot avoid suggesting it as it well express the spirit of a fishing day out with good mates, perhaps you might watch it comfortably sat on your couch when it's too cold to dive!


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