INTOVA CONNEXDesigners at INTOVA seem to never sleep as they keep building up new exciting products for underwater use.

Amazing innovations are ready to break into the action cam market and will be officially presented at DEMA SHOW 2014 in Las Vegas. One of these products is the brand new CONNEX!

It is not yet available in Europe but we managed to get a preview for all our readers.

The CONNEX is a new action cam designed for all spearos and anglers who have a boat or a dinghy equipped with a fish finder / echo sounder.

It is in fact the only camera currently on the market that thanks to a VGA cable can be connected directly to the fish finder monitor to watch in real time what the camera is actually filming.


Let's rush through its features!


This camera is equipped with a VGA port (for instance, like the one of the PC monitor you have at home) on the upper side in which user can plug 300 feet cable that on the other end has a specific connector that is compatible with the main fish finders on market. The whole thing is completely waterproof!





With this product user will be able to inspect the sea bottom (even at the usual depth he dives to), while comfortably sitting in his boat.

Furthermore the camera can be active through a wi-fi remote control included in the pack.

This implies that the common and dangerous practice of being dragged behind the boat propeller to check the sea bottom and the tiring dives to see whether a new spot is good or not are no longer necessary as users can do all this without even touching the water!








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