I am glad to introduce the Blacktech a young Croatian company established by the naval engineer and yacht designer Bruno Ancic in 2005. Since the very beginning Bruno has spent a lot of time in R&D to design the optimal model and thanks to the help of local spearos, among which we know there are many international athletes, he succeeded in creating a top quality product. In 2011 Sasa Mraovic, another naval engineer, joined the adventure, so the Nanokarbon LTD was finally established. Since then this young company has grown dramatically and now it has clients all over the world (Brazil, USA, Hawai, Australia, Midlle East, Europe, Russia...) These fins are different because they are produced by passionate divers and spearos who merged their love for this sport with their engineering  understanding of materials and technology. Today they produce good looking and high quality fins, without air voids, with great responsiveness and suitable for any footpocket. Currently the Blacktech team is developing carbon sperguns, monofins and other accessories.

BlackTech fins are designed to provide the best responsiveness in order to be extremely efficient, energy wise. After several years of testing they developed a special parabolic curvature for the flexion during the dive that guarantees an enhanced performance. This is achieved through a careful placement and orientation of the fibers.

BlackTech products are produced through a double sided vacuum infusion process. This way we can ensure that there is no trapped air in carbon fiber sheets that can seriously affect the integrity of the material. Furthermore an epoxy resin with low flexural e-modulus is used to impregnate the fiber that results then more reactive and resistant.

BlackTech Carbon fins are divided in 3 series


Normal series

Soft and comfortable fins, perfect for divers who dive up to 15 meters depth and swim a lot on the surface as they don’t stress joints and muscles.

Fins hardness: diver weight plus ballast

SOFT about 45 kg

MEDIUM about 60 kg

HARD about 85 kg

EXTRA HARD 105 kg up


Spearfishing series

Fins with a very good thrust and power, ideal to dive up to 40 meters. Optimized for deep Spearfishing and for spearos who like harder fins.

Fins hardness: diver weight plus ballast

SOFT up to 70 kg

MEDIUM about 85 kg

HARD 105 kg up


Freediving series

Very hard fins with excellent thrust and power. Optimized for deep freediving over 40 meters. To be used by divers who are well trained.

Fins hardness: diver weight plus ballast

SOFT up to 85 kg

HARD 85 kg up



You can chose among five different fin tips. In general terms, Tail tip and Flat tip are great for shallow rocky waters where you know you will continuously hit the rocks. Round fin tips are the best ones instead in terms of hydrodynamic efficiency. This types of fin tips are most common ones but you can also order a customized one.


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