Dear readers I am proud to present a Croatian company manufacturing high quality railguns since 1998: the Granda Sub!

In that year, Eduard Suran built up the first prototype of speargun with wooden barrel, a novelty at that time, but still a raw product which was not equipped with an handle but it got mounted in a commercial one from the most famous producers like Mares, Omer, Cressi , DEMKA.


The passion for spearfishing led Mr. Suran to personally test it in the waters of Rovinj, already known to have been the scene of international competitions. Since then he has started an endless evolution process leading him to no longer assemble models with three strips of Iroko but with 5 strips of both Iroko and Mahogany,  getting as result amazing performances in terms of swing and precision with minimum recoil.


In 2001, the Granda Sub invests in the precision of brand new CNC machines and software for 3D modeling and this decision soon turned into a boom in sales across Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Portugal. The perfection of the work made with passion by Suran and his collaborators led the company to further invest in a new design of the barrel providing superior hydrodynamics, less vibration while swinging  and a greater mass capable to adequately support more power.


The consecration comes, however, in 2007 with the use of carbon which provides his spearguns with the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics that a high quality weapon must have. Today Granda Sub presents on its website two lines of speargun both made with carbon inserts that are called "Fireblade" and "Carbontech" and both series include all measures between 75cm and 130cm. All arbaletes are equipped with reverse mechanisms and shafts with reared and close pins made right for the Croatian firm.

Thanks to the international success of its production, Granda was also contacted by the most famous companies of the sector for tips and to manufacture their own arbaletes, however the price of these fantastic weapons, although the excellent craftsmanship and materials used, is so low to be able to lead the most demanding markets.


Soon an article with the results of the in-water tests, specifications, videos and photos, will be published but before then I'm sure you'll love its smooth shape on which the black carbon fades into the wood creating an elegant and eye-catching design. Once you test yourself the power and ease of swing you cannot do without!



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