Carlos Oreste Garcia,

for 16 years member of the national venezuelan team, America and Pan-american cup winner will take us on dive into caribbean waters where the big ones live...


Located at the south east corner of the Caribbean Sea, on top of South America with over 900 km of sea shore, my country is a paradise for spear fishing!!! Venezuela is a country on the Caribbean which means…Summer time all year long…!!! With water temperatures ranging from 22 degrees to 30 Celsius, and average visibility of 10/15 meters, Spear fishing can be performed  on a daily bases.

Venezuela holds a great variety of fishes, and its geography allows practicing either reef or blue water hunting. While reef hunting, it’s very common to dive among Groupers, Snappers and other reef endemic specimen as Barracudas and Carangids such as Permits, Pompanos, Jacks and Cobias. Gear buster tarpons and snooks are an aggregate value to your dives.


Instead spearfishing in the blue implies meeting marlins, sailfishes, Tunas, Wahoos, kingfishes and mahis. They will keep you busy and very pleased.


The gear to be used has to be heavy. It should be a powerful gun equipped with no less than 7mm shafts, 2 bands and with a 1mt long barrel at least: this is the average gun for the reefs. For in blue spearfishing, you should have instead at least a double band 110cm gun, with no less than a 7mm shaft, float line system rigged according to your expectations…

A 3 mm suit will work all year long.

On the reef, spearing can be done from 0 to 40 meters either on coastal waters or in the islands. Nevertheless, big fishes can eventually swarm the shallows searching for food and be a very pleasant surprise for the lucky spero who finds himself in the right place at the right time….but obviously this is not the rule!!!! As in the rest of the oceans the grander are at almost prohibited ranges of depth due to the great sense of life self  preservation, But anyways, there is plenty of fishy spots to provide a great day at sea!!!

The big ones...

Local laws require a valid spear fishing license in order to perform the activity and as in all other countries it’s not allowed to spearfish on National Parks or protected areas.

To give you an idea of what to expect spearfishing in Venezuelan waters, you can visit this website www.inmersionvenezuela.comand check out the “Galleries” and for any further info you can use the contact form. As a plus, Venezuelan waters hold potential record breaking fishes, check the “Records 2009” Gallery on the site above and check out the breathtaking Cubbera and Mutton snappers, Monster Cobia, Amberjacks and few other gear busters that weighted way more than the actual World Records!!! See below some of mine:

64 kg Black Grouper

54 kg Cubbera Snapper

49 kg Cobia

37 kg Yellow mouth grouper

32 kg great Barracuda 

21 kg yellow fin grouper 

13 kg mutton snapper

Its very common to share the spots with Manta rays, Whale sharks, Turtles and dolphins. Sharks appear very rarely and are harmless! You only have to be careful handling speared fishes in murky water in order to avoid being mistaken for something edible!

Although spear fishing can be done all year long, the very best seasons vary according to the kind of prey:

May to August for Snappers,

October to February for Groupers,

October to December for “Wahoo Run”

March and April for a cocktail mix of whatever you can think of spearing, due to the natural phenomenon locally known as “TURBIO” witch means “MURKY” and is related to several patches of green water coming from the east and carrying the Orinoco River waters. They bring with them some sort of “Dinoflagellata”, whose growth is enhanced by the northern cold currents, and tend to aggregate fishes of all kind in very large quantities along the eastern coasts and island waters…in other words…”The Circus Comes to Town!!!”

Who is Carlos Garcia?

My name is Carlos Garcia; I have been piercing fish since I was 7 years old. Actually I live on Margarita Island and go to sea 4 to 5 times a week. As a competitor, I have made the National spear fishing team 16 years in a row from 1990 to 2006. My international participation  includes 6 world cups, 6 Pan-American cups and 2 American cups, reaching the team  Pan-American title on 1995  and the 1st place overall  as a team in 1993 American cup. On Nationals, I have achieved 3 times the Venezuelan Championship, 7 times second place, a third and a fourth place during the 12 years of Venezuelan competitions.

I own a firm called Inmersion Venezuela F.P. aimed to spearfishing world that arranges spearfishing tours with full accommodation and services. Many world class spearos have been our guests several  times…3 times world champion Pedro Carbonell , World Champion Alberto March, World Champion Joseba  Kerejeta, 3rd Place European  Andrii Lagutin, Brazilian Champion Georges Marteens, Multiple world record holders and mole vicious Sheri Daye and Andy Ansin, Monsters  of the deep as Javier Lopez and Oscar Sebastia, Jose Luis Fernandez Garcia and Pedro Ramón among  others that  have  granted us the great honor and pleasure to be with us in the water!




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