For many years Sigalsub has pampered us with high quality products designed and made with care by those who actually get personally in the water. The accessories that in the last years have offered us, have solved small problems arising from the use of weapons of other producers or have however facilitated their use but what has always been missing in its catalog was its own speargun.


A weapon designed to include all those small solutions that over the years had been made for the competitors and that could be customizable to all types of spearos without compromises on quality and after 2 and a half years we are ready to touch it with our hands.


The key principle of this project is to become customizable according to our own needs without having to worry about finding alternative solutions or components because it has already been fully considered and is already available. For example, the speargun is marketed as standard with a traditional mono or double band muzzle (depending on the model chosen) but if you want to turn it into a fusion/demo an alternative muzzle with aluminum stopper is available while on the handle there is already a robust hook for pre-tensioning. So let's find out in detail the nemesis.





The real jewel of this speargun is the handle made of nylon loaded with 30% glass fiber while for the area of larger contact with the hand was considered a soft material for greater comfort of the user. The mechanism is particularly backward and is equipped with an line-releaser that can be positioned both on the right and on the left side. Its very soft trigger is designed to withstand exaggerated loads like multi-bands or roller. It is equipped as standard with two plastic adapters which are designed to cope with the different sizes of the hand and the use (depending on the season) of more or less thick gloves. In fact, these adapters bring the distance from the handle to the trigger, from the normal 64mm to 67mm and finally to 70mm, in this way our grip will always be effective and comfortable. In the upper part a notch has been provided to house the fingers that pull the rubber bands at the moment of hooking on the shaft and practically on the handle butt, behind the mechanism, was fit the stirrup of the cam. Normally, the holes used to fix the screws of the stirrup house some little hexagonal screws which must be removed before you can fix the stirrup. In the front part above the reel has been designed a strong hook for the pre-tensioning of rubber bands, indispensable in the configuration of fusion, inverter, demo, etc. The handle is connected by a male coupling (double o-ring) in a barrel with a 28mm circular section.



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The barrel is made of extruded aluminum but later (not shortly, however) rumors confirm that a carbon version will be available. Also for this component of the weapon some important tricks have been realized. At the top is equipped with an integrated shaft guide that runs for its whole length, designed to have the least possible contact surface with the shaft. In fact, the shaft touches only two points on the right and on the left while the central part never touches the shaft guide because the latter has been designed to form a sort of channel that allows water to flow thus reducing any friction. In the lower part of the barrel it is instead possible to notice two very accentuated ribs / edges which are quite unusual on a circular barrel and therefore do not go unnoticed. In addition to having an attractive aesthetic effect, together with the upper shaft guide, further contribute to stiffen the barrel allowing it to withstand important loads without bending.



The muzzle is open, slender and essential with a single or double hole of 16mm (avoiding the large single slot that creates friction between the rubber bands) and includes hooks for the passage of the line both on the right and on the left. As previously indicated if you want to switch to a fusion, inverter or demo you can mount another muzzle that has the advantage of being able to turn from a fusion to a traditional with C4 hooks easily without demanding work, however this product will be the object of a separate article.



the model that we have analyzed is the 104cm that naked (without shaft and bands but with reel) weighs only 720gr. the overall length is 119cm. The useful run of the bands is 102.5cm for the first and 104cm for the second. The video stirrup weights 24gr and if you want to go “fusion” the muzzle weights is only 86gr.



The speargun is available in both black and military green and is equipped as standard with shaft, rubber bands and reel. According to your needs it is available in the following versions and fittings. The video stirrup and the stark muzzle are considered optional accessories not included.









1x Reactive 16,0mm + shaft 110cm 6,25mm



1x Reactive 16,0mm + shaft 115cm 6,25mm



1x Reactive 17,5mm + shaft 125cm 6,25mm



1x Reactive 17,5mm + shaft 135cm 6,25mm









2 X Reactive 14,5 + shaft Ghost 110cm 6,5mm



2 X Reactive 14,5 + shaft Ghost 115cm 6,5mm



2 X Reactive 14,5 + shaft Ghost 125cm 6,5mm



2 X Reactive 14,5 + shaft Ghost 135cm 6,5mm



2 X Reactive 14,5 + shaft Ghost 150cm 6,5mm









2 X Reactive 16,0 + shaft 125cm 6,75mm



2 X Reactive 16,0 + shaft 135cm 6,75mm



2 X Reactive 16,0 + shaft 150cm 6,75mm






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