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The new sigalsub recall is a small accessory that allows you to have some chance to successfully end the hunting action. In short, a little trick that measures 4.5cm x 3cm and 6cm in depth. It is entirely made of plastic and by opening it you can appreciate the simplicity of its operating principle.


In fact, it is a cogwheel that, manually rotated against a plastic wand, produces a noise similar to that of fishes engaged in  breaking small crustaceans shells. It is equipped with a ring that allows to wear it to the finger (index or medium but we suggest medium) and through a screw you can adjust the diameter by adapting it to any hand or glove. The ring is secured to the recall by means of a screw and can therefore be dismounted to be applied (via special brackets) on industrial speaguns or directly on the wood of handcrafted ones.


You can move the wand that produces the noise both to the right and to the left of the wheel. In this way this accessory is also very useful for left-handed people. If the wheel gives you the impression of being too hard to be rotated do not worry because it gets smoother in the water.


The latest born in sigalsub factory is the SAURON mask, a product designed to be one of the top products in the coming season. This is a mask for apnea and spearfishing characterized by a very low internal volume and an eye-catching design. SAURON belongs to the category of "frameless" masks, that are, those masks that do not have an external frame or which however possess it but it is embedded in silicone. In fact the mask itself is very soft and this greatly increases the comfort when wearing it. The only points where it is rigid are the lenses contour and the top of the nose (between the eyebrows). This zone has been molded with an inclination so as not to cause pain / pressure pains. The shape of the nose is made with "steps" that favor the closing of the nose during equalization. The strap is fixed to a hook made of silicone that despite being robust can give the impression of being a critical point in this product.


Overall fit even if it is strongly subjective, is very comfortable. Worn in fact by several testers with heterogeneous physiognomy, it has given all the same sensations. The particular position and shape of the lenses allow a wide view and the inner volume is so small that the first equalization during the descent happens at approximately 17 - 18 meters. The mask is available in green, brown and black and can be supplied with the new AIRSOFT snorkel available also in brown and green and that is characterized by great flexibility as you can see in the picture.




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