As you know, it’s been several months that the French company EPSEALON has presented its new catalog for the 2017 season and now we have finally had the opportunity to test a selection of the main novelties of which we will present the essential features.

The flagship for EPSEALON is undoubtedly the new fusion wetsuit that has successfully met the market expectations as it is the best-selling product of 2017. It is available in two colours red and green that together with the eye-catching graphics represent the basis of its success. By choosing to use such brilliant colors, EPSEALON has once again proved its innovative character. The originality of its wetsuit range which can undoubtedly be considered exceptional cannot even be compared to the one of competitors. But let's see it in detail.


It is made in neoprene Yamamoto 039 (polyester spandex 019 camo outside / open cell inside) and is available in 3mm version (jacket and pants), 5 mm (jacket and pants), 7mm (jacket), which can be purchased separately. Both the legs and the arms are preformed with an ergonomic cut. Wrists, ankles and hoods have SCS finishes, which contribute tremendously to prevent water infiltration. The wetsuit is characterized by an exceptional softness that also makes dressing very comfortable. Closure is with clips and sternum reinforcement is very thick. Abrasion reinforcements are located on the front of the legs, from the ankle to the knee. A very interesting aspect is the arrangement of seams in the part behind the knees. As you can see from the pictures, the particular arrangement prevents abrasions on the skin in the long run.


In regards to the size, consider that these are the measures of the tester: height 185 cm, 85 kg weight and torso 102/90 / 88 cm. With these sizes a sized 4 wetsuit (both pants and jacket) fits like a glove!

Gloves and socks are available with the same camouflage outside and jersey Ultrastretch inside, with Powertex anti-shear reinforcements. Anyway, the socks are impressive because the reinforcements are on all the points where they usually get torn, that are, on the fingers, on the heel and under the sole.




Another very interesting product is the mini torch to mount on the mask. This is a very small 570 lumens LED torch made of black anodized aluminum (military quality), which can be fitted (stirrup included) on the mask. The plastic stirrup has a very small volume and weights less than 10g. It allows you to orientate the torch by 365° according to your needs very easily. The torch has actually reduced dimensions: 9.7cm long, 2.6cm in diameter, 65gr weight. It works with just one rechargeable 900mAh LC 14500 AA battery (supplied). It can be used up to a depth of 200 meters and comes with a charger. Three o-rings ensure no water sneaks in.


Finally, even if we are not in the right season to present this product, we were impressed by the quality of the soft shell jacket that we think was really designed for use at sea. It has a good coverage of the neck area and comes with a large hood. You can certainly use it wearing a wetsuit and it has a simple design that makes it adaptable to everyday life.


If these products together with many others that are available on the new Epsealon catalog have aroused your interest, you can buy them online at www.spearo.it, the only Italian official distributor.

If you want to touch them with your hand and even try them in the water in July, the above distributor organizes a camper-tour in Apulia and in August in Calabria region. Instead, in fall season he will be in northern Italy.


For info call us or write an email to our site.




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