The 2016 starts for SIGALSUB with some of those small innovations that make our diving comfortable and safe. As usual, when we talk about the well-known Italian company, they are high quality accessories created thanks to the suggestions they received from us spearos and Gallini & co. intuitions. All that seasoned by the mastery of Riccardo Iacovacci.


FASCE COLTELLO SIGALSUBThe anchor weight is the first innovation, a very useful accessory with a hydrodynamic shape that weights half a kilo. It has a flat silhouette with a slight convexity at one end and it is completely coated with a plastic material.

Its shape makes it easy to place beneath the belt (and to remove if necessary) and slides perfectly in the water.


The knives that we have over the years learned to know and appreciate today also have the some Velcro/elastic bands to secure them on the arm. They are available in black, military green and mimetic camouflage.


GUANTI SIGALSUBFinally there are some new gloves that fill the line actually on the market. They are produced exclusively in 3.5mm thickness and have the inside smooth (metal) and an outer in lycra. They are available in camouflage and black version. The first one has a PU-L coating on the palm and the second one in supratex.


Unless you have a very small hand or are the local double of Hulk Hogan, I recommend to get the size L, because the XL has a much wider fit.





















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