A new spearfishing band with some intrinsic features that make it different from the others available on the international market, have been lately presented by Lorenzo Lamanna, the owner of APNEA STORE. Its unusual aesthetics is definitely one of the characteristics that will make it popular in the spearo community but it will surely stand out as vigorously also for its responsiveness in water. That is the ATLANTIS.


It represents an evolution of the progressive bands we usually see in amber colour, naked or covered by a more or less fine coextrusion, because as a result of a colouring process it is in fact entirely blue. Its mimetic power is indisputable because they do not need disguise the shades of the surrounding environment as they have the same colour of the water.


The first test was then carried out to verify whether its colour  shade changed once it was under traction. During some previous tests with other bands it was possible to note that once they were stretched, their colour tone changed to a clearer one and this got worse with extreme stretching coefficients. As you can see in these pictures the ATLANTIS keep its original colour.




The most important feature, however, is represented by the possibility to easily load big diameters while applying extreme stretching coefficients. In the video below it is in fact possible to note how even in the presence of a 47cm long 18mm circular band, mounted on a 80cm railgun (coefficient: 350%), the loading operation is so smooth and easy to let people infer its diameter is much smaller.


The ability to progressively return the force applied make it ideal for multi-bands or roller guns with a recommended stretching coefficients between 330% and 350%. It is available in the following measures 14mm, 16mm and 18mm at 18, 19 and 20€. APNEA STORE. Soon some in-action videos...




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