Dear spearo mates, today I want to present the new project of Picasso Sub: the MAGNUM CARBON ROLLER. Thanks to the collaboration with my friend Carlos Osorio I could get my hands on this beautiful 95cm long railgun (of course it is also available in the other common measures) that will surely not disappoint the expectations of excellence with which it is marketed, but let's see in it detail before its test at sea.


The handle has an ergonomic support for your index finger (see photo) that leads it to a very long trigger. The hilt is very wide and combined with the long trigger allows user to have a comfortable and intuitive grip on the handle even when wearing a winter glove. Surely those who have already tried the Picasso guns will find this one very familiar in terms of sensations. The chest support has a V-shaped notch to facilitate the aiming alignment and below the butt it has been applied a large ring to connect the gun to the floatline. The release mechanism is 100% stainless steel and it is reversed, allowing user to gain a few centimeters. The slot in which user slips the shaft is larger than the others on common spearguns ensuring the line to remain intact if user decides to mount it on the first shaft hole. The line release mechanism is located on the left side but you can place it on the opposite one by removing a simple steel barb.


The carbon fiber barrel is 28mm in diameter with a circular cross section and it is provided with an integrated shaft guide which is also made of carbon. On the lower portion there are the hooks for the bands, one very close to the handle and the other at a few centimeters  from the head for less powerful shots. They are actually two stainless steel tabs secured by two screws.




The muzzle is compact and slim with a very basic design. The pulleys, equipped with high quality steel ball bearings, are fixed by means of a bolt and a tab that creates a guided passage for the bands.


The standard configuration includes a 6.75mm shaft with robust low-profile pins and 17mm black bands with plastic tips. These require a different mounting of the Dyneema wishbones, in fact, the dyneema line should be inserted into a vertical hole of the plastic tip and it should get out of it through an horizontal one. A few common knots lock it up. It is important to note that the largest band to be mounted is right 17mm, in fact, a larger one would not pass through the space between the head and the tab holding the pulley. 

The reel is not supplied as standard but you can mount one from the TOP models range. The one in the photo is a TOP 20, a very useful accessory with a retractable knob and weighing just 200g (including over 20 meters of 1.5mm line).


Here are some data related to the weight of a 95cm model:


Railgun complete equipment ( reel, shaft, line and bands ): 1589gr


Without shaft (bands, reel and line ): 1215gr


Without reel (only bands): 1010gr






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