Summer has finally arrived and our favourite off coast spearfishing spots are waiting for us to come. The lethargy is however also finished for those pirates who, equipped with anything able to float in the water, start to pass by at high speed. Why can’t we get ready to face all this?


Imersion is just presenting its latest product, the Eskwad buoy. Its exclusive design (which reminds a small dinghy) and its orange colour make it particularly visible in the water and turn it into an indispensable tool. Further to the increased visibility at sea, it is an essential support for our safety because it allows us to get our entire torso out of the water when we get tired. The "hull" in fact measures 65cm X 90cm (overall) while the area between the tubes housing our chest measures 30cm X 65cm. Despite its large size and the double 0.35 PVC covering, the weight is only 2.3kg, much less than other plastic models.


If you are worried about any friction that it might develop in the water then you need to pay attention to those specific devices designed to facilitate the navigation. First of all, the bow is raised and the hook for towing is fixed to a low point of the "hull" in order to avoid traction to lower the bow towards the waterline, creating friction. Furthermore the tubes were particularly shaped in order to get some sort of drop keels on the bottom. Finally some hard rubber mounts for spearguns have been placed upon the tubes in order to keep them out of the water and avoid the friction that they would create if submerged.




Between the tubes there is a pocket with double velcro closure to carry small items and close to the bow there is a large compartment in which anything useful can be placed and that will be held in place by a series of adjustable bands. Right there we also find two elastic loops for securing the flag, one on the right and one on the left hand side.

Another aspect that might discourage the use of this type of buoys is the time that must be used for the inflation. Well, thanks to the included pump, in less than 3 minutes the "hull" is ready for navigation!


Here is a video demonstration of the air chambers positioning in the various compartments.



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