Penetrator Fins is an Australian company dedicated to producing high quality freediving and spearfishing fins. With over 20 years composite manufacturing experience in fields such as performance sailboats and motorsport. The owner Larry Gray has coupled his enthusiasm for spearfishing with a capacity to manufacture high quality advanced composites to produce the Penetrator range of fins and soon to be released composite spearguns.


The carbon fiber fin blades are manufactured using the resin infusion method from T300 carbon fibers and high temperature epoxy resin. They are 21cm wide and 86cm long (the power surface is 72cm long). The toe inclination is 25° degrees and this makes surface swimming very easy. Blades are 100%carbon fiber with the exception of a kevlar protection layer in the tip. All Penetrator fins are oven cured for 14 hours to provide full resin properties and a high in service heat distortion temperature. This process creates a fin that is strong, flexible and can withstand UV and sun exposure. From here the blades final shape is cut on our in house CNC cutter to computer generated patterns.



The blades are fitted with a dual purpose side rail that locks into most aftermarket foot pockets without the need for glue. The water channeling rail directs flow along the blade creating more power and maintains form. They are manufactured in Australia also from UV resistant EPDM rubber. The flexible rubber rail does not inhibit the action of the carbon fin blade.



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