Finally the long-awaited SIGAL EXTREME bands are ready! We first presented them in December in their provisional brown colour and we announced that thanks to a small trick they got an exceptional performance, we are now ready to reveal all! The SIGAL EXTREME are black bands with a very thin coextrusion (inherited from the Reactive Brown) that in the final version, available in all the best spearfishing shops, is purple. The special feature of these bands is the reduced size of the central hole for the housing of the wishbones. The traditional diameter of the inner hole is 3mm, the EXTREME bands one is only 1mm.


This small trick allows to greatly increase the power applied,  you just need to consider that the quantity of rubber present in the given space is 2mm greater. The manufacturer declares that the power increases by 5%, but in reality a 16mm band for example has the same power of a 18mm one. The shot is strong and nervous and has nothing to do with the ones made with the Reactive Brown bands, well known have a more progressive power. Surely such a small core creates many difficulties in sticking the dyneema wishbones into it if you do not provide lubrication and once inserted, the Dyneema ring is so firmly held by the rubber, you might just avoid doing the constrictor knot to lock it up ... I’m joking, do not do it. One very important thing is that the purple coextrusion, does not “light up” once it is in traction as in the past but it keeps its original shade (see photo). This band was tested with a 360% stretching factor but I can assure that it is able to withstand more exasperated coefficients. It will be available in sizes 13, 14.5, 16, 17.5 and 19mm.

Among the 2013 novelties, SIGALSUB presents a new amber band with a 1mm inner core, still under testing, which will be available in sizes especially useful for roller speaguns and the famous Reactive Brown with the plastic threads. Last but not least the wide range of cameras mounts adaptable to the main spearguns on the market. The peculiarity of these mounts is represented by the application of a simple concept presented on this site several years ago, that is the "two-components" mount. These SIGAL products are in fact composed by a slide which remains fixed on the handle and by a support that is slipped inside it and on which the camera is mounted. The advantage of this concept lies in the fact that the support with the camera can be disassembled and reassembled on several spearguns maintaining the same shooting angle.

For example, if you have to change up the railgun during the fishing trip, you simply need to pull the support and place it on the other railgun without the need to screw anything. Furthermore, if you do not want to fish with the camera, you are not forced to use a speargun with a useless bulky structure. In the picture you can see some of the models but clicking on the link you can see the full range while the two videos below explain how to mounts them on the various spearguns.








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