Among the accessories produced by the company Imersion we focused on knives and trident MATC shafts so we decided to test the SABRE. Made entirely of stainless steel, it belongs to the naked knives category, in other words all those knives created by modeling a single piece of metal without the addition of a handle in a different material. The knife itself weights only 85gr and it is provided with a 35gr plastic sheath, for a total of 120gr. The whole knife is 19cm long but the blade is only 6cm long. Designed to be an arm wearable knife, thanks to a simple modification it can also be used as a practical belt accessory. You just need to replace the aluminum stripe which is located on the back with thicker one and that’s it. The ergonomic handle ensures a strong grip even when wearing very thick gloves. Finally we need to emphasize the knife locking system that through a rotating device makes it easy to pull it out avoiding the anxiety of losing it at any time.

Another very useful accessory is the PELAGIQUE, a name that already expresses the use this knife is aimed at. It is almost 30cm long with a double-edged blade 14mm wide and 15cm long. Its weight is 180g and by holding it in your hand it is easy to notice how such a weight it is distributed in favor of an optimal balance. It is provided with a sheath made entirely of plastic with locking clip and two rubber belts to attach it to the leg. Surely it is good to have it on board if you intend to go fishing in places where you can meet  large pelagics.

After having watched the latest Spearfishing videos shot on the northern France wrecks we decided to test a trident MATC shaft 6.5mm in diameter and 115cm in length. Definitely heavier than a regular one, it requires a greater propulsion but the penetration capacity of its three sharp tri-cut tips is surprising. Finally, as you can see in the pictures the traditional barbs are replaced by some retention staples.


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