The French manufacturing company Imersion presented last year, the Eskwad PRO a new speargun that I had the opportunity to test. This railgun has definitely a revolutionary profile characterized by an unconventional design especially noticeable in the barrel section, the muzzle shape and in the innovative reel. I tested the 90cm model but is also available in the following sizes 75cm-100cm-110cm-120cm. So let's see in detail the technical features of this weapon.


The barrel is made of matt black anodized aluminum and has an integrated shaft guide. It has a flattened section that makes it very hydrodynamic as it is only 20mm wide and approximately 4cm height. The muzzle is OPEN and it has been designed to accommodate up to 3 bands. It has a very narrow profile that does not protrude from the silhouette of the barrel and provides an aggressive look to the whole railgun. The first slot is a "quick release" one as the bascule disk placed into it thanks to an opening on the lower side allows the band to be detached in case you need less powerful shots. Such a disk can be however easily removed and replaced by traditional circular bands. The speargun is supplied with an 18mm band with double threads and double wishbones and a traditional 16mm circular band. The mono top barb shaft included is made of stainless steel treated with 17/7 PH 200 kgs / mm ². It is 130cm in length and 6.5mm in diameter with a tri-face tip. The reel is a little jewel as it can be placed both vertically and horizontally, you just need to buy an extra mount. It can hold about 50 meters of line which is standard supplied with a bungee. The handle ensures a secure grip and the index finger reaches the trigger intuitively. The particular release mechanism installed, allows an easy insertion of the shaft even if introduced with an inclination of 45°. The line release system (connected to mechanism) is finally present on both sides.




During sea trials the Eskwad gave evidence of its lightness but it created some difficulties in the side movements as in order to be efficiently moved on the horizontal axe it requires to incline the barrel. The presence of the plastic threads leaves room to the bands to vibrate during the changes of aim. However, this problem can be solved by installing circular bands closed by Dyneema wishbones. Finally it is recommended to place the reel horizontally. With the addition of a few ten Euros you can also get a handy waterproof speargun bag with zip closure, two large pockets inside and one outside.


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