Granda Sub, the well known Croatian company manufacturing railguns, is glad to present a limited edition series of Carbontech arbaletes with special features that make them even more unique.

The arbaletes mentioned above are two Carbon Tech 75 designed for an extreme asset. Generally the difference between a Fireblade model and a CarbonTech model resides in the application on the latter of three 180g sheets of carbon to reinforce the handle and the lower part of the barrel for its entire length. The limited edition ones instead have even something more that turn them into real masterpieces with no equals in the market.

The two holes for the bands were made 8mm ahead and 2 mm higher in order to get even more silent movements. The band guides were made with a specially formulated blend of carbon and liquid graphite that helped to create a real mould of the bands able to obtain a rollaway profile in the first third of the stem.

The graphite shaft guide, has been further shortened to ensure an even lower friction and the release mechanism in lightweight titanium was reared 22mm. Bearing in mind that the overall length of 75cm arbalete is 98cm, the exploitable traction on the carbontech limited edition is 2 X 82cm! The comparison is simple if you think that in the fireblade version the exploitable traction is 2 X 75cm while in the traditional Carbontech version it is 2 x 78cm.

7cm longer bands may seem not that much but they are the basis for setting up a more powerful weapon. With a slightly heavier shaft this speargun is always precise and easy to swing. The Granda company ensures that if it gets fitted with 2x16mm Sigalsub bands (coefficient 3.6) and with a Sigalsub shaft 115cm x 6.5mm, it can shoot up to 4 meters! By the end of 2013 the first DVD by the croatian company named "hunting the bass" will be released for you to see the real performances of these weapons.


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