It’s with pleasure that I present you one of the latest generation spearguns by the Croatian firm Granda Sub. The latest changes introduced by its engineers on the barrel continue to amaze turning the three bands 110 Carbontech into the best-selling model. Compared to earlier versions, the hydrodynamics is further improved although the mass was proportionally increased.


The barrel of the gun in the first two thirds (towards the muzzle) was reduced in volume to make easier sudden changes of direction and the new band-guides carved into the barrel ensure a more silent shot. Both the barrel and the handle are made of 10 strips of mahogany and as all the other CarbonTech spearguns, 180gr carbon sheets are used for coating (three layers for the barrel and four for the handle). The shaft-guide is made of graphite to better withstand the test of time and the ballast cases below the speargun are also made of carbon.



The ergonomic handle, available also for left-handers, is a new concept and due to the greater length and height reduces the recoil and has an easy swing, so that a slight push of the index finger ensures fast changes of direction. This arbalete is equipped with 145cm in length and 7mm in thickness shafts as in the overall design of the weapon (the mass of which, fully set up, is only 3 kilos) they give the highest power and precision to the shot.


The setting of this speargun is so extreme that the Italian firm Sigal Sub, already known more for the excellence of its products, manufactures an EXTREME shafts line specially designed for Granda’s CarbonTech models. They have in fact in the last 6 cm 3 pins placed at only 3 cm from each other.


The use of such shafts allows to apply a triple 110cm traction, in opposition to what happens with the other railguns on the market. This is also possible thanks to the special release mechanism and the compact design of the barrel able to enclose all this power in a smaller space!

The Granda firm guarantees that this weapon is able to pass through a 20kilos amberjack at six meters from the tip of the shaft.


Here's a quick standard equipment with which the railgun is supplied by the manufacturer:


Shaft - 145 X 7 mm


Bands 3 X 18 mm


Reel 90 m with 1.5 mm dyneema


Maximum height of the barrel 38 mm, 35 mm in the middle and at the muzzle 33 mm


Maximum width of the barrel 80 mm, 60 mm in the middle and at the muzzle 40 mm


Total weight 3100gr


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