Very often we hear about an increasing male vanity that nowadays is tied to women’s one or even greater. As we all know women pay an accurate attention to accessories but what’s wrong if a spearo  surrenders to the temptation of buying a little something in which merge both design and functionality?

The GFT carbon knife is the latest innovation of the Italian company that once again remarks its intention  to design high quality products aimed to cuddle today’s speros. On the internet this product has become already famous thanks to the several bloggers who have written reviews stressing on the amazing design but you should also know that this knife is not only design as it is very practical and functional too. First of all the knife itself is created with a single piece of stainless steel, 18cm long, with an handle covered in 2x2 twill prepreg carbon. This allows to avoid the scenario in which you get the blade and the handle split in two separate parts when you force a little bit on something. There is only one sharp side although the tip of the blade is sharpened on both sides for a couple of centimeters. In the centre of the blade there is a 7mm hole very useful to get afloat or to straighten the shafts.

Another special feature of this product is represented by its case that from my point of view it is far more important than the knife itself. The case is rigid and entirely made with carbon sheets. Conceptually it does not bring anything new to spearos in comparison to the other “arm knives” in the market but its points of strength are mainly represented by a design with no equals and a very efficient hold/release mechanism. In the picture you can see that by pressing on a tab the knife gets released. Check out the video for a practical demonstration. What’s left to say, GFT has once again realized a products that makes you say “I got it, what about you?”

Technical features:

total lenght: 18cm

thickness: 3mm

weight: 82gr total;   66gr (knife)+16gr (case)

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