The widespread of craftsmen specialized in tailoring wetsuits might suggest that the realization of this product only takes an accurate pattern and good raw material.

In reality, the artisan in possession of these two factors is only at the beginning of a process that will turn its creation into a real masterpiece because the care to details and finally a touch of extravagance and cleverness, make the difference between a common wetsuit and a Leroi Design one.


The wetsuit I am about to present is a 7mm jersey/lined one, with a discreet brown camouflage designed for spearfishing on rocky bottoms. This model is equipped with the innovative trick power system, to incorporate the vest to the suit. I personally can not do without it because it solves two problems: the encumbrance of the shoulder straps and the slipping of the traditional vest during the descent.

Thanks to the strong Velcro joints the trick power vest remains still on the back providing a freedom of movement with no equals, just think that sometimes I even forget to have it still on when I have to take the jacket off.
In the past someone made an objection in regards to safety, but as shown in the video below, the removal operation is simpler and more immediate than that of a traditional vest, even in water!

Another detail that struck me is the ear insert created in different thickness to enhance the compensation and to avoid the suction effect. Other special features of this wetsuit are represented by the robust and thick sternal support, the cuffs at wrists and ankles and finally the reinforcements at the elbows and knees and are inside made in "metal" rather than in lined neoprene to make them more robust.

On demand a "duckbill" may be applied, an accessory that makes diving more comfortable especially in wintertime! Finally, anyone ordering a wetsuit from Tony Piscitelli, will receive it personalized with his initials and a small Italian flag. The attention to detail that I have described is a symptom of product quality and on LeroiDesign site you will surely find what you need.

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