We have been waiting for it to come out for over a year and now the new chapter of "pescando a la espera" is finally available. Pablo and Coronil signed the fifth DVD of a fascinating documentary series showing the wonders that the Strait of Gibraltar waters have to offer.


For those who have not had the opportunity to see the previous DVD’s, the spearfishing actions that our two Spanish friends show have as final objective the catch of large specimens of all main Mediterranean species. Fishes weighting 2 or 3 kilos are not even contemplated, you can amaze yourself with preys such as 7 kilos gilthead breams and dentex, 40 kilos meagres and finally groupers and amberjacks of equal weight.


The exceptionality of this footage does not rely on catching oversize fishes but in the (apparent) ease these actions are completed. They are so extraordinary that if they were not documented by a camera no one would be willing to believe that they really happened. Just like those bar-stories from fanatical fishermen. It 's all true instead!


The spearo goes down and just after touching the bottom he gets the visit of a large grouper, or the spearo goes down and starts inspecting a hole, then he lifts his head and a 45 kilos meagre is right there waiting for the shot.

They are all scenes that lead unequivocally the viewer to say, with a lot of envy, "just like it happens over here...".


Pablo and Coronil are keen to communicate to all those who will see this DVD that in this chapter they have learned from past constructive critics and have included all large size catches trying to convey what spearfishing in the Strait really represents, without forgetting the way they see things and their fishing philosophy.


“En esta ocasión intentando mejorar lo anterior y tomando nota de muchas críticas constructivas, hemos terminado un trabajo en el que hemos puesto toda la carne en el asador, mostrando en su mayoría piezas grandes y el como se pesca en el estrecho de forma purista, guardando siempre nuestra forma y filosofía de ver la pesca”.

A beautiful DVD that lasts about 67 minutes and is fully commented in Spanish but easy to understand with a little effort. We strongly suggest you to watch it.


To order it just send an email to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are some of the catch mentioned in this article and the official trailer






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