by Pablo Sanchez e Juan Jose Coronil



It has been just released the third episode of "Pescando a la espera", a spearfishing DVD series filmed in the beautiful waters of the Gibraltar Strait. In the last few years I have been collecting with passion the films made by Pablo Sanchez and Juan Jose Coronil, two young Spanish athletes who have created amazing documentaries with the help of common and very simple video cameras. A few years ago they started mounting cameras with waterproof cases on their spearguns and now they use Midland XTC and GoPro Hero mounted on the mask.


Despite the fact they do not use sophisticated equipment the outcome does not appear like an homemade movie and is characterized by  a professional quality. Compared to other documentaries by the most famous champions, Pescando a la Espera has the advantage of being designed and built with the aim of sharing the emotions that spear fishing gives us, without the will of teaching techniques or other. I have seen many documentaries in which most of the time was devoted to the explanation of techniques and theories, and very less to spearfishing actions. In other words, a lot of bla bla bla that often the audience could do without because, let's face it, spearfishing is an instinctive activity that can be "guided" but that must find free expression in those who practice it. Well in this film there is plenty of amazing catches which surprise not only for the quantity but also for the size of the preys.


Generally speaking, every spearo can be satisfied if he can spot (and consequently catch) a large fish such as an amberjack or a leer. In this DVD Pablo Sanchez and Juan Jose Coronil besides showing catches like that, they do carry them out in schools of many large specimens. Some of the sequences are very spectacular since the catches are performed in dense schools of those little fishes the predators like the most. That is the case of a big meagre for example or a 5 kilos dentex approaching very close.



Exceptional amberjacks, leers, groupers, meagres and dentex will then end up on the shafts of these talented Spanish spearos for the entire duration of the film. You just need to consider that the first filmed prey is a 3kg gilthead bream and among the many other ones shown, there is also a 40kg meagre!

Unfortunately this DVD is produced only in Spanish language however I loved it and if I have intrigued you, just take a look at the pictures and check the video below.



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