What do you expect from a Spearfishing documentary? Maybe exceptional catches or exotic seascapes rich of fishes? Spearfishing, as you know, is not just about shooting the biggest one but it is a descent in search of that specific relaxation and emotion that only the sea can give.


Although the latter is often associated with reflection and solitude, spearfishing is an inner journey full of inexplicable feelings that we share with close mates. It's right this spirit that characterizes the excellent DVD of Sébastien Le Corre, Philippe Vercruysse and Mathias Beaudouin, turned on the wrecks of the Normandy landings. Except for the images of sea bass and whole fauna (unusually clear for Normandy waters), this movie deserves a special mention for its editing that is truly original.


Usually spearfishing DVD have all the same structure; an athlete dives, shoot a fish, gets on the boat, moves and dives again, all that with the voice of a narrator who explains what happens. Chasseurs d’emotions is instead the "visual story" of different fishing trips that exudes the spirit of friendship between Sebastien and his spearo mates, by mixing sequences in which they choose the fishing spots comfortably sat in their kitchen, with sequences that portray big basses coming suddenly out of dark recesses of the wrecks. In addition, some editing "special effects" and the choice of relaxing music (often dark and tension-building rhythms are used) make the vision pleasant and smooth.


DVD Release Date: April 2010

Duration: 52 minutes





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