Many of today's spearfishers have known the sea world and the freediving techniques in a rough way relying on their empirical considerations and on rumors. Such a knowledge has often built the foundation of gross mistakes and bad habits.

If the empiric way is the right one to understand the hunting habits of the fishes in order to choose the best technique to spear them, in regards to freediving and equalization certainly the right path to follow is the "awareness" one.


For a lot of spearos, equalization is a big problem, mainly represented by the difficulty of clearly understanding the techniques to use that are much less instinctive than blowing the nose with two fingers on it. A book even if provided with detailed illustrations cannot meet this need, that's why the DVD "Training the equalization" made by the Swiss record holder Andrea Zuccari is rather a good way to equalize with the awareness of what you are actually doing.


In 40 minutes are explained in great detail and in a very simple way all the exercises to perform in order to enhance the execution of the following types of equalization:


• Valsalva


• Frenzel


• Fill Mouth


Each exercise is accompanied by a demonstration video and a list of detailed operations to perform. During each video, the use of the glottis and the soft palate, which is well explained in the introductory phase, are constantly shown. Finally this DVD with very technical features but easily accessible to all is an essential tool to improve our technique and to get a solid basis.

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