In order to tie a constrictor knot around a speargun band you need to get 30cm long cord and create two circles taking care to put the ends on a different side. As shown in picture 1 the "B" circle's end is infront of the cord while the "A" circle's one is behind it. Once you have done so, you simply need to cross the circles by placing the circle "B" behind the circle "A"  as shown in picture 2 and pull to adjust the size as shown in picture 3. Another very important feature is represented by the cord's characteristics as it must be neither too thick nor with a large section. The best cord is made with nylon and its thickness is not greater than 1mm as shown in picture 4.


However this is not the only way to tie the constrictor knot as you can do it directly on the band as shown in the video below. In both cases once you have tied the knot on the band I suggest to use some instant glue the secure the ends.
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