In its 2019 catalog, Seac Sub presents its new flagship product, the DRIVER. It is a freediving computer watch dedicated exclusively to this latter activity, therefore it does not features SCUBA computer functions. It is a product projected and designed entirely by SEAC, so it is not an outsourced instrument made by others and branded by SEAC and this is already in itself a guarantee of the care that the Italian company had in the making of this product. It is a simpler and more intuitive computer than its predecessor JACK and much cheaper. In fact, while the JACK was around € 400, the DRIVER is at a variable price that does not exceed in many cases € 200. Thanks to its particular characteristics it is placed at a higher level than its main competitors in the same price range. As anticipated it has a very simplified structure and in its watch functions allows to carry out the following operations:


• 12/24 hours setting with minutes and seconds.


• Second time function.


• Possibility of switch between main and secondary time.


• Calendar.


• Chronograph


• Countdown


• Alarm.


In the dive computer function, on the other hand, it allows you to perform the following operations:


• suggest minimum recovery time between one dive and the other MSST (Minimum Suggested Surface Time)


• Complete set of alarm parameters on dive times and depths


• Acoustic and visual alarms.


• Acoustic alarms can be activated or disconnected.


• Setting of fresh or salt water.


• Battery change by the user.


• Logbook with sessions.


• Possibility of setting the sampling frequency 1 sec. or 2 sec.


• Change of units of measurement from the metric system (meters and ° C) to the imperial system (ft- ° F).


• PC / Mac interface with general data and dive profile (optional).


It is possible to download the application to manage the dive data on your PC / cell, but it is not provided with a cable for data transfer that must be purchased separately. It is available in black and military green colors.


When you buy it, generally the display is off and to activate it you just need to press the key M for at least 5 seconds (see photo). In case you do not use it for a long time you’d better turn it off through a prolonged pressure of the D key. however, with the shutdown the logbook records will be irretrievably lost. Let's see the main functions of the dive computer.


To enter the DIVE menu, press a little longer the M button. The first setting proposed is the maximum depth alarm, which if activated, warns the user to have reached the set depth, through acoustic and visual alarms. The second setting, instead, is related to the maximum dive time and works exactly like the previous one, alerting the user when the maximum time set is reached. Subsequently, it is possible to set an alarm to warn the diver in case the recovery time is not respected. Finally, the last two settings are for the water type in which you dive, that is, fresh or salt water and the sampling rate of the info. By default it is set with 2 seconds, in other words every two seconds it records the data related to the dive (depth, temperature, etc.) but it can be brought to 1 second. When the M key is pressed to enter the DIVE mode, a standby screen (see photo) is presented to the user, showing the temperature, dive time and depth. After two seconds, the same screen is automatically displayed again with the number of dives in the current session. During the dive instead, in addition to the above mentioned info (excluding the number of dives) the descent / ascent speed is shown. The dive session can be started either manually through the U key or automatically after passing 1.5m depth.


Every 2 hours of activity is proposed the hydration alarm that reminds us to drink and can be deactivated by pressing any button.


The Driver suggests a minimum surface time for physical recovery between two dives, which is displayed at the top left and through a flashing "RECOVERY" icon. The calculation for the surface time that is shown on the display is as follows: for apnea diving with a depth of less than 30 meters = diving time x 2. Apnea dives with depths greater than 30 meters = max depth / 5.


The Driver has a capacity to store data up to 500 dives, depending on the frequency set (1" or 2") and the duration of the dives. It can store up to 99 sessions and each session can contain up to 199 dives.



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