Sometimes it happens that our beloved aquascooter for several reasons floods, throwing us into a panic. You need to know that if you act promptly, the problem can be resolved without no repercussions. You can often read about very weird procedures but here's what it really needs to be done to correctly recover it.


First of all, once you realize it is flooded do not try to start the engine, bring the aquascooter out of the water and empty the air-box as much as possible.

Then you need to get the following things to proceed:


Oil for 2-stroke engine (the same one used for the mixture)




1 brand new spark plug


1 flat screwdriver


1 funnel (included in the kit supplied)


1 key to remove the spark plug (included in the kit supplied)


After draining all the water, remove all fuel from the tank and then remove by using a screwdriver the exhaust kit below.


PLEASE NOTE that these operations, together with the following ones, will soil a lot therefore you should have plenty of old newspapers and old rags handy.


At this stage, disconnect and unscrew the spark plug. By using the funnel slowly pour the oil directly into the cylinder. At first, the cylinder will not fill up completely because of the presence of the piston. You need then to gently pull the starting cord that will move the piston up and down letting the oil flow out. Do it very cautiously otherwise the cylinder will turn into a volcano erupting oil everywhere. Repeat this two or three times until you are sure that the oil has soaked the whole cylinder. Bear in mind that operating the piston will push the oil out through the exhaust hole below.


When everything is properly lubricated, make sure to drain the excess of oil and start closing everything back. Screw a new spark plug, taking care to sprinkle the upper edge with marine grease and reconnect the pipette above. Put new mixture in the tank and open the air box.


Now you must be aware that you will have to sweat a bit to start the engine. After a few attempts it will restart without problems but remember to place the exhaust kit back only after succeeding in starting the engine in order to facilitate the purge phase. Sometimes it may be very difficult to restart the engine because of an excessive presence of oil into the cylinder that wets the spark plug. Therefore it is mandatory to remove all the oil before closing and should you still experience the same problem, just unscrew the spark plug, dry /clean it up, reinsert it and try again.





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